Columbia County committee calls for repeal of NY SAFE Act

The County Government Committee of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution on Tuesday calling for the repeal of the NY Safe Act passed by the State Legislature last month.

The committee voted 6-2 in favor, with supervisors Jesse DeGroodt, NOP-Chatham, Thomas Garrick, R-Gallatin, Ron Knott, R-Stuyvesant, Kevin McDonald, R-Livingston, Matt Murell, R-Stockport and Raymond Staats, D-Clermont voting in support. Voting against the measure were supervisors Edward Cross, D-Hudson2 and Ellen Thurston, D-Hudson3.

The resolution, which would still need to be passed by the full Board of Supervisors, states that the NY SAFE Act will curtail the Second Amendment right of citizens to bear arms, and takes issue with the legislation for having been “approved with scant public notice, very little public debate or review by state lawmakers.”

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3 responses to “Columbia County committee calls for repeal of NY SAFE Act

  1. I tell a story to my kids . There was a time not so long ago that I would fling a gun some times two over my shoulder , a backpack with ammo in it and head down the rd to go shoot at the Neighbors house . It was a 3 mile walk . Good Exercise. I hardly think I would make it a half mile before the swat team would show up now . I walk miles in the woods doing the same thing . Gun over the shoulder and ammo in the back pack . It seems its the only safe place for me now . Its really strange for me to have to worry about something that I have done all my life to look so bad to which seems to be alot of people . Well I hope they can get over it ? Oh yea the woods where the safest place to be this year . Firearm related hunting accidents were at a all time low this year in NY State . I’m pretty sure I heard the other day . Amazing I run into people in the woods every day with guns in there hand and ammo in there pockets . They all seem to be pretty good guys . I don’t think I can ever remember a time I’ve been afraid to go say hi.

  2. Tom Gutierrez jr

    Thank you Columbia County! Excellent news. Keep up the good work, and let’s get this repealed!

    Copake NY

  3. Wake Up! This is important business! Our Constitutional Rights are being stolen. What is next???? Speech, Voting, Suffrage, Fair Trial, Etc.

    Cuomo stated, “We had to sneak this Bill through in a hurry due to fears that people would rush out and buy guns based on pending weapon bans.”
    Are you serious? Law abiding citizens might rush out and utilize their Constitutional Rights. We better do everything in our power to stop this spread of Democracy!
    NYS law makers should be ashamed of themselves:
    When asked, “Why did you choose a seven round magazine capacity?”
    Response: “The Governor mentioned 7 rounds and we thought it sounded right”, are you kidding????We now steal civil liberties arbitrarily. How about if we limit citizens to “16 ounces” of bullets, this makes about as much sense as the new bill. I am sure Mayor Bloomberg would strongly concur.
    Vote these people out in the next election. They do not hold our best interests in mind when they allow this injustice to happen on their watch. We put them in office to watch out for our needs and they have failed us miserably. They are afraid of Andrew Cuomo and his strong arm tactics, Sheep, if you will.. We left our fate in the hands of a bunch of wooly, timid animals afraid of being sheared!

    Now is the time to act. Even if you are not a gun activist, your rights are still being infringed upon. Where do we draw the line?

    My children are less safe today due to shady politics. As a proud New York resident, I have always held great pride in the open politcal forum that was once prominant. We now sneak around in the darkness of night passing agendas that stink of political grandstaning.


    New Lebanon, NY

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