Saratoga Conservative Party Press Release

Saratoga County Conservative Party — February 25, 2013
For Immediate Release: Contact: Robert Zordan / 518-233-0121

Saratoga County Conservative Party Committee Condemns Passage of NYS S.A.F.E. Act Reserves Party Backing for Supporters of 2nd Amendment Rights

Waterford, NY – Saratoga County Conservative Party Chairman Robert D. Zordan announces his committee’s steadfast support for the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms and its staunch opposition to the recently passed New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (S.A.F.E.) Act of 2013. “The legislation that was proposed by Governor Cuomo assaults the liberties guaranteed to law- abiding citizens by the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution while failing to address the underlying causes of gun violence.” Zordan said. “Further, the Governor’s citing of a ‘Message of Necessity’ circumvented the legislative process by which a three day cooling off period and an ample opportunity for public review and comment are afforded. The actions exemplify the dysfunction of representative government that has resulted in diminished public trust in our elected officials.”

The County Executive Committee pledged to reserve their party’s backing and endorsements for candidates for public office who express their support for the 2nd Amendment. Party Secretary Phil Lindsey of Moreau asserted that “The right of law-abiding residents to possess and use legally obtained and licensed firearms for hunting, target shooting, and personal protection should not be abridged.”

Chairman Zordan encouraged sitting town and county officials to promptly pass resolutions condemning the New York State S.A.F.E. Act and calling for its repeal. Citing information published on the “NY SAFE Resolutions” website ( ), Zordan stated that, “Twenty five counties in New York State have already passed such a resolution. Fourteen more have actions

The Saratoga County Conservative Party was among the first committees to endorse Kathy Marchione in her 2012 campaign for the New York State Senate. Senator Marchione is a strong supporter of the
2nd Amendment. She has been a speaker at Gun Rights Rallies in Albany and has coordinated a petition drive calling for the repeal and replacement of the restrictive new gun control legislation.

Saratoga Conservative Party Press Release 2 2013 by Evan Hempel

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