Shooters Committee on Political Education A New York State Not For Profit Volunteer Organization dedicated to the preservation of the Second Amendment Rights for New York Citizens.

SCOPE is Creating a  SAFE Act Voter App for your Smart Phone.
Hey  , do you  realize that 321 municipalities and 52 counties have stood up and said NO to the SAFE ACT?  And, the elite in Albany still refuse to listen to us! Within those 321 municipalities and 52 counties there are people running for election that refused to vote against Albany’s infringement of your rights.  They choose to go along with the Governor to get along.  The time has come for civil rights and the constitution to override party politics in New York State!

Now it is time to support the people that voted for resolutions and tell the non-supporters NO!  Perhaps then, Albany will listen to us.

SCOPE is partnering with NY SAFE Act Resolutions  to compile the names of local officials that voted against and for the Resolutions condemning the NY SAFE Act. The task is huge and we need your help . We need to know what you,  knows about your local political situation to make this happen.

We need local grassroots help in determining the grades of county and town race candidates.

If you have knowledge of a town or county office holder that is running for election, let us know and we will add them to the Report Card.

Here is how to do it:

Step one: Check here to see what is needed in your county to avoid duplicates.

Then Click this link and fill in the blanks.

The rules changed with the passage of the SAFE Act.  No gun owner or citizen concerned with civil rights can sit back and watch any longer.  Plan to VOTE make sure your family votes.  Make sure your club members vote. Plan voting parties and meet ups.   Remember the long line in Albany in January?   We want to see long lines at the polls with people checking the SCOPE S.A.F.E. Act Voter App!
Report your voting experience on Facebook   and give post election results for the group.

Only a Few Days Left !
Have you heard about he movie Assulted,?  It is being shown  Monday, September 16 7:00pm – 8:44pm
in Amherst, NY at AMC Maple Ridge 8 for $11.00 per ticket.  SCOPE members are encouraged to attend or support the cause by purchasing a ticket for the show. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see Assaulted: Civil Rights under Fire on the big screen! Don’t let the media and the anti gunners control the conversation.  We need 60 more people to sign up for a ticket before Sept 9th or the movie will be cancelled.

Check your Voter Registration Today!
Notice the link to the Elections Office on the upper right of is goes to the
Board of Elections.  Click it and fill it out and a registration form will be mailed to you for changing your address your party or simply to register to vote.  The Primary’s are coming up on Sept 10th.

The SCOPE Banquet is October 11th, read about it here

On Election Day, remember standing in the snow and mud trying to make Albany listen.  They didn’t.  Now it is your turn.

SCOPE SAFE Act Voter App  will be available from your phone.


Report your experience on Facebook 

SCOPENY is a non profit 100% Volunteer “Civil Rights Organization” looking out for Gun Owners Rights in New York State.Please join or renew today. For about the cost of a box of ammo you can help SCOPE help protect your Second Amendment Rights.


Please do not reply directly to this message, as your reply will bounce back as undeliverable.Please forward this e-mail to friends and family.
Did you know that you can find the name and contact information for your Federal Senator automatically by signing up for SCOPE Alerts? That’s right; the system works off of your address and zip code.  It will also find the name and contact information for your Federal Representatives.  It even goes down to the State Senators and Assembly Representatives.  If you are getting this email you are already signed up.  Forward this to a friend that believes in civil rights and have them sign up at SCOPE Alerts.

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