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Looking to pass a resolution in your City or Town? We recommend this one.

Counties (52 passed):

We have a separate page for resolutions prohibiting New York State from using County Seals / Names / Logos in SAFE act related communications.

  1. Albany County [no resolution, proclamation by minority] [news]
  2. Allegany County [passed, county seal] [news]
  3. Broome County [passed] [news]
  4. Cattaraugus County [passed] [news]
  5. Cayuga County [passed][news]
  6. Chautauqua County [passed] [news]
  7. Chemung County [passed] [news]
  8. Chenango County [passed] [news]
  9. Clinton County [passed] [news]
  10. Columbia County [passed] [news]
  11. Cortland County [passed] [news]
  12. Delaware County [passed][news]
  13. Dutchess County [passed] [news]
  14. Erie County [passed] [news]
  15. Essex County [passed] [news]
  16. Franklin County [passed] [news]
  17. Fulton County [passed] [news]
  18. Genesee County [passed] [news]
  19. Greene County [passed] [news]
  20. Hamilton County [passed] [news]
  21. Herkimer County [passed] [news]
  22. Jefferson County [passed] [news]
  23. Lewis County [passed] [news]
  24. Livingston County [passed][news]
  25. Madison County [passed] [news]
  26. Monroe County [passed] [news]
  27. Montgomery County [passed] [news]
  28. Niagara County [passed, county seal] [news]
  29. Oneida County [passed][news]
  30. Onondaga County [passed] [news]
  31. Ontario County [passed] [news]
  32. Orange County [passed Feb, passed Mar] [news]
  33. Orleans County [repeal sections, full repeal] [news]
  34. Oswego County [passed] [news]
  35. Otsego County [passed] [news]
  36. Putnam County [passed][news]
  37. Rensselaer County [passed, support opposition] [news]
  38. Rockland County [passed] [news]
  39. Saint Lawrence County [passed] [news]
  40. Saratoga County [passed] [news]
  41. Schenectady County [passed] [news]
  42. Schoharie County [passed, county seal] [news]
  43. Schuyler County [passed] [news]
  44. Seneca County [passed] [news]
  45. Steuben County [passed, county seal] [news]
  46. Sullivan County [passed] [news]
  47. Tioga County [passed, county seal] [news]
  48. Tompkins County [failed, passed oposition] [news]
  49. Ulster County [passed] [news]
  50. Warren County [passed] [news]
  51. Washington County [passed]
  52. Wayne County [passed, county seal] [news]
  53. Wyoming County [passed] [news]
  54. Yates County [passed] [news]

Cities, Towns, and Villages:

  1. City of Batavia [resolution] [news]
  2. City of Ogdensburg [resolution] [news]
  3. City of Port Jervis [resolution] [news]
  4. Town of Afton
  5. Town of Albion [resolution] [news]
  6. Town of Alden [resolution] [news]
  7. Town of Alexander [resolution] [news]
  8. Town of Arcade [news]
  9. Town of Argyle [resolution] [news]
  10. Town of Ashford [resolution] [news]
  11. Town of Attica [news]
  12. Town of Aurora [resolution] [news]
  13. Town of Barton [gun insurance] [news]
  14. Town of Batavia [news]
  15. Town of Bath [resolution] [news]
  16. Town of Benson [resolution] [news]
  17. Town of Benton [resolution] [news]
  18. Town of Bergen [resolution] [news]
  19. Town of Berlin [resolution] [news]
  20. Town of Berne [resolution] [news]
  21. Town of Bethany [resolution] [news]
  22. Town of Boonville [resolution] [news]
  23. Town of Boston [news]
  24. Town of Brant
  25. Town of Brasher [resolution] [news]
  26. Town of Brunswick [resolution] [news]
  27. Town of Butler [resolution] [news]
  28. Town of Cairo [resolution] [news]
  29. Town of Caledonia
  30. Town of Callicoon [news]
  31. Town of Cambria [resolution] [news]
  32. Town of Cambridge [resolution] [news]
  33. Town of Canadaigua [resolution] [news]
  34. Town of Candor [resolution] [news]
  35. Town of Carlton [resolution] [news]
  36. Town of Castile
  37. Town of Catlin [resolution, insurance resolution] [news]
  38. Town of Cato [resolution] [news]
  39. Town of Caton [resolution] [news]
  40. Town of Chatham
  41. Town of Chemung [resolution] [news]
  42. Town of Chester [resolution] [news]
  43. Town of Clarence [resolution] [news]
  44. Town of Clarendon [resolution] [news]
  45. Town of Clarkson [resolution] [news]
  46. Town of Claverack [resolution] [news]
  47. Town of Clay [resolution] [news]
  48. Town of Clermont [resolution, necessity resolution] [news]
  49. Town of Cochecton [resolution] [news]
  50. Town of Coeymans [resolution] [news]
  51. Town of Colden [resolution] [news]
  52. Town of Collins [resolution] [news]
  53. Town of Colton [resolution] [news]
  54. Town of Concord [resolution] [news]
  55. Town of Conesus [resolution] [news]
  56. Town of Conklin [resolution] [news]
  57. Town of Corinth
  58. Town of Cornwall [resolution] [news]
  59. Town of Cortlandville [resolution] [news]
  60. Town of Covert [resolution] [news]
  61. Town of Covington
  62. Town of Coxsackie [news]
  63. Town of Crawford [news]
  64. Town of Cuba [resolution] [news]
  65. Town of Cuyler [resolution] [news]
  66. Town of De Kalb [resolution] [news]
  67. Town of Deerpark [resolution] [news]
  68. Town of Delaware [resolution] [news]
  69. Town of Delhi
  70. Town of Denning [resolution] [news]
  71. Town of DeRuyter [resolution] [news]
  72. Town of Dover [resolution] [news]
  73. Town of Duane
  74. Town of Duanesburg [resolution] [news]
  75. Town of Durham [news]
  76. Town of East Bloomfield [resolution] [news]
  77. Town of Elbridge [resolution] [news]
  78. Town of Elma [resolution] [news]
  79. Town of Ephrata
  80. Town of Farmington [resolution] [news]
  81. Town of Fenner [news]
  82. Town of Forestburgh [resolution] [news]
  83. Town of Fowler
  84. Town of Franklin [resolution] [news]
  85. Town of Freetown [resolution] [news]
  86. Town of Fremont [news]
  87. Town of Gaines [resolution] [news]
  88. Town of Gallatin [resolution, necessity resolution] [news]
  89. Town of Geddes [resolution] [news]
  90. Town of Genesee [resolution] [news]
  91. Town of Geneseo [news]
  92. Town of Geneva [resolution] [news]
  93. Town of Glenville [resolution] [news]
  94. Town of Gorham [resolution] [news]
  95. Town of Grand Island [resolution] [news]
  96. Town of Greenfield [resolution] [news]
  97. Town of Greenville [resolution] [news]
  98. Town of Greenwich [resolution] [news]
  99. Town of Greig
  100. Town of Hadley [resolution] [news]
  101. Town of Halfmoon
  102. Town of Hamburg [resolution] [news]
  103. Town of Hamlin [resolution] [news]
  104. Town of Hammond [news]
  105. Town of Hancock [resolution] [news]
  106. Town of Harrisburg [resolution] [news]
  107. Town of Hartland [resolution] [news]
  108. Town of Hector [resolution] [news]
  109. Town of Highlands [resolution] [news]
  110. Town of Holland [resolution] [news]
  111. Town of Homer [resolution] [news]
  112. Town of Hopkinton [resolution] [news]
  113. Town of Hoosick [resolution] [news]
  114. Town of Horicon [resolution] [news]
  115. Town of Horseheads
  116. Town of Huron
  117. Town of Indian Lake [resolutions] [news]
  118. Town of Inlet [resolutions] [news]
  119. Town of Jackson [resolution] [news]
  120. Town of Jefferson [news]
  121. Town of Jewett [resolution] [news]
  122. Town of Johnsburg [resolution] [news]
  123. Town of Junius
  124. Town of Kendall [resolutions] [news]
  125. Town of Kinderhook [news]
  126. Town of Knox [news] [resolution]
  127. Town of Lake Luzerne [resolution] [news]
  128. Town of Lake Pleasant [resolution] [news]
  129. Town of Lapeer [resolution] [news]
  130. Town of Laurens [resolution] [news]
  131. Town of Leicester [resolution] [news]
  132. Town of Lewis [resolution] [news]
  133. Town of Lewiston [resolution] [news]
  134. Town of Lincklaen [resolution] [news]
  135. Town of Lindley [news]
  136. Town of Lisbon [resolution] [news]
  137. Town of Livingston [resolution] [news]
  138. Town of Livonia [resolution] [news]
  139. Town of Lockport [resolution] [news]
  140. Town of Lodi [resolution] [news]
  141. Town of Long Lake [resolution] [news]
  142. Town of Louisville [resolution] [news]
  143. Town of Lyons
  144. Town of Macedon [resolution] [news]
  145. Town of Manchester [resolution] [news]
  146. Town of Madrid [resolution] [news]
  147. Town of Marathon [resolution] [news]
  148. Town of Marilla [resolution] [news]
  149. Town of Marion [resolution] [news]
  150. Town of Masonville [resolution] [news]
  151. Town of Massena [resolution] [news]
  152. Town of Minerva [resolution] [news]
  153. Town of Montgomery [resolution] [news]
  154. Town of Morehouse [resolution] [news]
  155. Town of Moriah [resolution] [news]
  156. Town of Morristown [resolution] [news]
  157. Town of Mount Hope [resolution] [news]
  158. Town of Mount Morris [resolution] [news]
  159. Town of Murray [resolution] [news]
  160. Town of Naples
  161. Town of Nassau [resolution] [news]
  162. Town of Neversink [resolution] [news]
  163. Town of New Baltimore [news]
  164. Town of New Bremen
  165. Town of Newburgh [resolution] [news]
  166. Town of Newcomb
  167. Town of Newfield [news]
  168. Town of Newstead [resolution] [news]
  169. Town of Norfolk
  170. Town of North Harmony [news]
  171. Town of North Hudson [resolution 1, resolution 2] [news]
  172. Town of Oakfield [resolution] [news]
  173. Town of Ogden [resolution] [news]
  174. Town of Ontario [resolution] [news]
  175. Town of Orangeville [news]
  176. Town of Orleans
  177. Town of Oswagatchie
  178. Town of Ovid [resolution] [news]
  179. Town of Palmyra [resolution] [news]
  180. Town of Parishville [resolution] [news]
  181. Town of Pembroke [resolution] [news]
  182. Town of Perry
  183. Town of Persia [resolution] [news]
  184. Town of Petersburgh [resolution] [news]
  185. Town of Pierrepont [resolution] [news]
  186. Town of Pinckney
  187. Town of Pittstown [resolution] [news]
  188. Town of Pleasant Valley [resolution] [news]
  189. Town of Poestenkill [resolution] [news]
  190. Town of Porter [resolution] [news]
  191. Town of Potsdam [resolution] [news]
  192. Town of Potter [resolution] [news]
  193. Town of Preble [resolution] [news]
  194. Town of Reading [resolution] [news]
  195. Town of Rensselaerville [resolution] [news]
  196. Town of Riga [news]
  197. Town of Rochester [resolution] [news]
  198. Town of Romulus [resolution] [news]
  199. Town of Royalton [resolution] [news]
  200. Town of Russell [resolution] [news]
  201. Town of Salisbury [resolution] [news]
  202. Town of Sand Lake [resolution] [news]
  203. Town of Sandford
  204. Town of Saratoga [resolution] [news]
  205. Town of Sardinia [resolution] [news]
  206. Town of Saugerties [resolution] [news]
  207. Town of Schaghticoke [resolution] [news]
  208. Town of Schodack [resolution] [news]
  209. Town of Sempronius [resolution] [news]
  210. Town of Seneca [resolution] [news]
  211. Town of Seneca Falls [resolution] [news]
  212. Town of Shandaken [resolution] [news]
  213. Town of Shelby [resolution] [news]
  214. Town of Sheldon [resolution] [news]
  215. Town of Sodus
  216. Town of Solon [resolution] [news]
  217. Town of Somerset [resolution] [news]
  218. Town of Spencer [news]
  219. Town of Springwater
  220. Town of Stafford [resolution] [news]
  221. Town of Steuben [resolution] [news]
  222. Town of Stockholm [resolution] [news]
  223. Town of Stockport [news]
  224. Town of Stony Creek [resolution] [news]
  225. Town of Thompson [resolution] [news]
  226. Town of Tompkins [resolution] [news]
  227. Town of Truxton [resolution] [news]
  228. Town of Tusten [news]
  229. Town of Tyre
  230. Town of Union Vale [resolution] [news]
  231. Town of Van Buren [resolution] [news]
  232. Town of Van Etten [news]
  233. Town of Vernon
  234. Town of Victor [resolution] [news]
  235. Town of Virgil [resolution] [news]
  236. Town of Wales [resolution] [news]
  237. Town of Walton [resolution] [news]
  238. Town of Walworth [resolution] [news]
  239. Town of Warwick [resolution] [news]
  240. Town of Watertown
  241. Town of Watson [resolution] [news]
  242. Town of Wawarsing [news]
  243. Town of Wayland [resolution] [news]
  244. Town of Wells
  245. Town of Wellsville [news]
  246. Town of West Seneca [news]
  247. Town of Westerlo [resolution] [news]
  248. Town of Wheatfield [news]
  249. Town of Williamson [resolution] [news]
  250. Town of Wilson [resolution] [news]
  251. Town of Wilton [resolution] [news]
  252. Town of Wolcott
  253. Town of Worcester [resolution] [news]
  254. Town of Yates [resolution, permit privacy] [news]
  255. Village of Akron
  256. Village of Albion [resolution] [news]
  257. Village of Angola [resolution] [news]
  258. Village of Arcade
  259. Village of Blasdell [resolution] [news]
  260. Village of Fonda [resolution] [news]
  261. Village of Holley [resolution] [news]
  262. Village of Mount Morris [resolution] [news]
  263. Village of North Collins [resolution] [news]
  264. Village of Norwood [resolution] [news]
  265. Village of Otisville [resolution] [news]
  266. Village of Penn Yan [resolution, public safety resolution] [news]
  267. Village of Philmont
  268. Village of Springville [news]
  269. Village of Victor [resolution] [news]
  270. Village of West Carthage [resolution] [news]
  271. Village of Westfield [news]

Law Enforcement

  1. Albany Police Officers Union
  2. Albany Sheriff Craig Apple
  3. ARPALER, Monroe County PBA and the Rochester Police Club
  4. Columbia County Sheriff
  5. Dutchess County Deputy Sheriffs PBA
  6. Elmira Police Department Retired Officers Association
  7. Erie County Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association
  8. Essex County Sheriff
  9. Greene County Sheriff
  10. Lewis County Sheriff
  11. Madison County Sheriff
  12. New York State Sheriffs’ Association
  13. Oneida County Sheriff
  14. Putnam County Sheriff on Sean Hannity
  15. Saratoga County Sheriff’s Association
  16. Schuyler County Sheriff
  17. Steuben County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
  18. Suffolk County Police Conference president Thomas Tatarian
  19. Town of Tonawanda Police Club


  1. Association of Erie County Governments [passed] [news]
  2. Cortland County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs [resolution]
  3. Dee Victor Thomas Post, 1155 of The American Legion Department of New York [resolution]
  4. Dutchess County Pistol Association [letter]
  5. Erie County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Inc. [letter]
  6. Federated Sportsmans Clubs of Chenango County [resolution]
  7. Inter-County Association of Western New York and Inter-County Committee of the Adirondacks [resolution]
  8. Iroquois Rod & Gun Club [resolution]
  9. Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce [resolution]
  10. New York State Association of County Clerks [passed]
  11. New York American Legion [news]
  12. New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services [concerns]
  13. New York State Association of Counties [resolution 1, resolution 2]
  14. New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors [memo]
  15. New York State Conservation Council [statement]
  16. Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs [resolution]
  17. Orange County Association of Towns, Villages, and Cities [resolution]
  18. Orleans County on the privacy of pistol permits [resolution]
  19. Otsego County Democratic Committee [news]
  20. Veterans Administration will not comply [news]
  21. Washington County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs [resolution]
  22. Yates County Republican Committee [resolution]

Support for SAFE act

  1. City of Rochester
  2. City of White Plains
  3. City of Yonkers
  4. Manhattan Community Board
  5. Tompkins County
  6. Town of Ithaca
  7. Town of Ramapo
  8. Village of Ellenville
  9. Westchester County

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