County Seal / Logo / Name resolutions

The resistance to the #NYSAFE act continues with a second wave of resolutions. Counties are saying to Cuomo: “This is on you. It is your law, don’t try to associate us with it.”
County Seal Res 24 Mar 14

These resolutions deny New York State the right to use their county seal, logo, name, etc from being used in conjunction with SAFE act related letters or other messages (for example pistol permit renewals). This is a method to show continued resistance and to prevent county residents from thinking their county endorses the so called SAFE act in any way.A cute seal with a red crossed circle over it signifying the resolutions against the state using county seals


  1. Allegany County
  2. Cattaraugus County
  3. Cayuga County
  4. Chautauqua County
  5. Chemung County
  6. Chenango County
  7. Columbia County
  8. Cortland County
  9. Delaware County
  10. Dutchess County
  11. Essex County
  12. Erie County
  13. Franklin County
  14. Fulton County
  15. Genesee County
  16. Greene County
  17. Herkimer County
  18. Lewis County
  19. Livingston County
  20. Madison County
  21. Monroe County
  22. Montgomery County
  23. Niagara County
  24. Oneida County
  25. Onondaga County
  26. Ontario County
  27. Orleans County
  28. Orange County
  29. Otsego County
  30. Oswego County
  31. Putnam County
  32. Rensselaer County
  33. Saratoga County
  34. Schoharie County
  35. Schuyler County
  36. Steuben County
  37. St. Lawrence County
  38. Tioga County
  39. Ulster County
  40. Warren County
  41. Washington County
  42. Wayne County
  43. Wyoming County
  44. Yates County


  1. New York State Association of County Clerks
  2. New York State Association of County Clerks Western Region

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70 responses to “County Seal / Logo / Name resolutions

  1. I recommend we send an email to EVERY upstate county clerk office. I already sent a half-dozen getting to each country from this link: then using search to find clerk email to send the following note:

    To: Clerk Name

    When will your County join the ranks of other NY counties with this action?

    NYS Counties have begun passing resolutions denying New York State the right to use their county seal, logo, name, etc. from being used in conjunction with SAFE act related letters or other messages (for example pistol permit renewals). This is a method to show continued resistance and to prevent county residents from thinking their county endorses the so called SAFE act in any way.

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  6. Why isn’t Jefferson County,Lewis Country and ST.Lawrence Country on the list?


  8. Our local paper said Saratoga county notified NYS also

  9. How come MONROE County is Not on the List

  10. Sorry guys, I’m behind on updates. There are at least 2 or 3 that have passed these resolutions which I don’t have on the list yet.

  11. Chautauqua County passed a resolution 1/22/14 denying the state to use the county seal.

  12. Chautauqua county also passed this

  13. Before I call up ONEIDA COUNTY and kick butt….are they on the list?

  14. Schuyler is not on list ? our sheriff is
    against it so he says

    • I haven’t seen a county seal resolution from them yet. Its probably worth calling your legislator and the sheriff and asking them to get a formal resolution passed.

  15. Monroe signed and sent their resolution 2 weeks ago.

  16. Chautauqua County unanimously adopted on January 22, 2014

  17. Who would we call in Fulton county to ask their status

  18. Thanks got it

  19. Did Erie passed it yet? If not who do we need to contact. Thanks

  20. It looks like Erie county passed it in October. Please add the as well

  21. Any word on if Ontario county has sent in a letter yet??

  22. Even, please take a look at your link above NYS association of county clerks western region for Erie County. Unless I’m reading it wrong. I also clicked the Source at the bottom of the article, and it will show the letter sent to NYS. Let me know.

    • Hi Chip, thanks for commenting. Yes, the WNY clerks (including Erie) passed a resolution on the county seal. But that’s not enough for me to color a county since the clerk’s association doesn’t bind the county. We need an actual county level vote for Erie … I’ve been in contact with Rus Thompson, and I think that’s coming.

  23. Just spoke to my rep. In Fulton county he stated our county is surely against the safe act but he will at the latest let me know on the seal Monday .

  24. Thanks for the update Evan! Keep up the great work!

  25. Ok so Fulton county does not have an executive so they are going to send it to public safety then most likely back to the board for a vote! May take at least 1 month

  26. Livingston County passed their resolution unanimously yesterday, 2/12/14. Here’s the link confirming:×606.png

  27. What’s going on with Erie county? What’s everyone’s plans? To register or not register, that is the question? There is over 100,000 brave patriots in Connecticut, I hope NYS IS EVEN MORE To this assault on our 2nd Amendment

  28. I spoke to a co leg recently, I’m told it’s on their agenda. Hope they too, block the idiot in Albany from using the seal.

  29. I don’t see Schenectady County

  30. Where are Westchester and Putnam counties? They were betrayed by the newspaper printing the names and addresses of all the registeres handgun owners.

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  32. Spoke to a legislator from Orange County this week who stated that Orange County has a resolution passed against use of its seal by NYS for the SAFE Act.

    • James, yes I’ve heard it passed on the 6th. Unfortunately I’ve received no copy of the resolution or even a news article and I can’t include it on the list till I get confirmation. Its rather confusing and sad …

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  34. Why is not Seneca County not on this list. this should be address at the next Waterloo Rifle and Pistol Club meeting?

  35. I wondered why Jefferson Co hadn’t joined so I wrote to our Legislator , Phil reed, he told me Jeff. was one of the first to do this , please check on this , thanks

    • Good news! Was he talking about an anti-SAFE resolution or a County Seal resolution?

      I need a copy of the resolution or link to news article so I can add them to the list. Could you ask him to send to [email protected]?


  36. Jefferson Co . has gone on record with Resolution #82 of 2013, Opposing the Safe Act, asking for repeal of the SAFE Act. I again forwarded this web site and asked that they send a resolution re: County Seal, etc.

  37. Fulton county voted last night out of 20 reps 2 were absent and 18 voted against the use of the seal! Win color in Fulton please

    • I’ve sent the board of supervisors an email asking for a copy of the resolution so I can put it on the site and update the map.

  38. Jefferson will be on board at this month’s meeting

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  41. martin j keyes

    What has Broome counties response been?

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  43. martin j keyes

    I will call the legislature and ask if they have something before them in consideration to stop the county seal being used on any correspondence with respect to the safe act.I’ll let you know of any response to my inquiry.

  44. Per my town Supervisor Clark Seaman the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution last month so color us green.

    • Come on man, you have to give me something! Its great news … but if I’m going to be credible on the site you’ll need to send me a news article, or better yet ask your supervisor to email a copy of the resolution to [email protected]

  45. This has been forwarded to my town Supervisor for reply

  46. I spoke to the Suffolk County Sheriff right after the laws illegally passed and he’s vehemently against it too.

  47. Glad to see Erie and Monroe Counties listed.

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