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Sparaco and Schoenberger persuade Rockland County Democrats to defy King Cuomo and stand up for the people’s right to bear arms


Hundreds of citizens who believe in the rights and tradition of gun ownership were pleasantly surprised at the results of Tuesday’s meeting of the Rockland County Legislature.

Legislator Frank Sparaco pushed for a resolution asking the state to repeal many provisions of the NY SAFE Act. He found significant bipartisan support for his view. Sparaco’s position is also in line with nearly 90 percent of New York Sheriffs who signed a position paper on the matter last month

Behind the bullish efforts of Republican Legislator Frank Sparaco and the parliamentary influence of Democratic Legislator Ilan Schoenberger, two significant resolutions swung in the favor of the gun rights crowd.

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Rockland Legislature Urges State To Repeal Parts Of Gun Control Legislation

The gun debate continued on in Rockland Tuesday night, as the Rockland County Legislature voted on multiple gun-related resolutions in front of a packed crowd.

The legislators voted against a resolution urging federal and state representatives to institute policy and legislative reforms with respect to gun control and increased mental health services. A resolution requesting the state to repeal certain aspects of the New York SAFE Act passed later in the meeting.

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Resolution Text

Rockland County resolution opposing NY SAFE act.

In the February 19th legislative session there was an anti-gun resolution proposed which did not pass and a resolution opposing NY SAFE which did pass.

Rockland February 19th Agenda by Evan Hempel

Rockland Legislature to vote on gun resolutions Tuesday

At Tuesday’s Public Safety Committee hearing a resolution introduced by Leg. Chair Harriet Cornell (D) urging the state and federal government to support numerous gun control and mental health provisions was passed unanimously. It will be discussed at the full Legislature on Tuesday.

The most controversial points in Cornell’s resolution are support for reimposition of the 1994 federal assault weapons ban and a closure of the so-called gun show loophole. Cornell’s resolution cites long-debunked claims that the loophole causes 40 percent of gun transactions to take place without a background check. She also asks for more school spending on guidance counselors and other services.

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Rockland County Public Safety Committee Discusses SAFE Act Amendments

The Rockland County Legislature’s Public Safety Committee unanimously passed three resolutions relating to gun control that will go in front of the entire legislature at next week’s regular meeting.

The first resolution urges federal and state representatives to institute policy and legislative reforms with respect to gun control and increased mental health services. The second resolution requests state legislators and Gov. Andrew Cuomo take immediate action to amend the recently passed NY SAFE Act using recommendations from law enforcement officers. The third resolution urges state legislators and Cuomo to keep responsibility for pistol permit recertification process in the hands of the state instead of passing down to local governments.

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