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Coxsackie opposes SAFE act

Coxsackie opponents to the law have now demanded the Coxsackie Town Council do the same.

They packed the Town Hall to ask local elected officials to voice their opposition to the SAFE Act.

“This law that has been passed is illegal,” one opponent said.

Jim Lee, president of the Coxsackie Sportsmen’s Club, said his organization represents hundreds of sportsmen and gun rights activists, and said the law infringed on their rights, which are guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Numerous towns and counties across the state have passed similar resolutions objecting to the act.

The Coxsackie Town Council decided to do so unanimously.

“There are already laws that should be enforced,” Hobart said. “No new rules are needed. Registration of firearms leads to confiscation.”

Town Councilman Jeffery Lewis voiced his opposition to the SAFE Act.

“This is just another political ploy to get everyone in New York State riled up to see how far they can take it,” Lewis said. “What is next, a socialistic society where they can tell us what we can and can’t do every day?”

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