Counties 3/22/2013

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  1. Great work, thanks!

  2. Lets just cut off New York City and Long Island and let it float out to sea.
    But make sure the governor in on it before it leaves

  3. I’m ashamed to say I live in Westchester County!!! At least the rest of the state has some common sense.

  4. I would love for the mainstream media nation-wide to pick up on this. In lieu, I hope every pro-gun website in the country can see how tilted our state is (and how we don’t all agree with Cuomo and Bloomberg).

  5. I live in Suffolk County. We gun owners are as outraged here as well! We used to be very conservative and would have opposed this draconian law but now the commie libs have stretched out from the hell hole called New York City and have taken over. I expect no action to join the rest of our brethren who have it right. I implore you all to keep up the fight on our behalf as we are truly floating at sea here. Through us a line and help pull us in!

  6. Tompkins County actually voted to SUPPORT the SAFE act. You’ll have to update them as “traitors.”

  7. I use this map when discussing the faulty “polls” where a majority of Americans want stronger gun laws. Just stunning isn’t it 🙂
    Many thanks guys!

  8. So what was the deal with Tompkins county? Why did everybody think the voted the other way? BTW I think NPR is still airing stories claiming almost 40 counties have passed resolutions, lol.

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