Shining Star Map 14 May 13

Constitutional Liberty and Civil Rights resolve grows ever stronger in New York State as it nears the fourth month since Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act was passed utilizing a “Message of Necessity”, under the cover of night, without transparency, and without adequate discussion or informed research prior to implementation. Since mid-January, millions of New York State citizens, supported by local, county, state and federal elected officials, law enforcement leaders, civic groups and other organizations have said “NO” to Governor Cuomo’s assault on the United States Constitution and New York State Civil Rights law. The opposition to the Governor’s law grows daily.

This week, another nine municipal governments proudly join 200 others, and 52 county legislative bodies across the Empire State, which have publicly opposed Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act, since it was rushed into law on January 15th, 2013. The 209 municipalities that have passed resolutions opposing the SAFE Act are depicted on the map as liberty loving “Shining Stars” of freedom. This week’s Shining Stars have been added in Albany, Columbia, Cortland, Jefferson, Livingston, St. Lawrence, Tompkins, Washington, and Wyoming counties. New Yorkers – citizens and their locally elected officials – are more resolved than ever to preserve and defend their Constitutional and Civil Rights. Join the cause. Continue to stand with your elected officials. Continue intelligent, open, informed discussions at municipal meetings. Help to foster sound leadership and informed decision-making at the local level in its absence at the state level. Continue to help your elected officials pass resolutions opposing Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act, and turn your municipality the next liberty loving, Shining Star!

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