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North Harmony Board Opposes SAFE Act

“Ever since (the SAFE Act) was passed, everyone has been talking about it,” said Sena. “I think (Cuomo) is using an emotional situation to craft these ridiculous laws, and virtually everyone I know thinks that this (law) is ridiculous.”

During an interview, Sena wanted to be perfectly clear that he believes there are facets to the law which have the potential to do good, such as the segments related to mental health evaluation. However, as a whole, he believes the law was hastily passed – especially since it received little to no public input.

“The mental illness part and the criminal part of it – certainly most of us that support Second Amendment right … think that’s what they should really be talking about,” said Sena. “Criminals, by definition, break the law. It’s simple: They’re not going to abide by these laws. They’re not going to buy a gun legally and go through a background check. They’re going to do whatever they need to do to (obtain a firearm). For example, take the .22 caliber rifle: That’s a target rifle. Those are the guns we used to use in rifle club when we were kids, and most of those come with 10-round clips. Manufacturers don’t even make seven-round clips for most of these firearms. It just seems so excessive, since New York already had a 10-round maximum. What it does is make almost every gun owner in New York a criminal.”

Sena added that the law does not have an exemption clause in it for police officers, which means that every officer who uses a handgun on the job that carries more than seven rounds is also breaking the law.

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