Town of Callicoon gun resolution draws pushback

Like other town boards across the state, the board of the Town of Callicoon considered and passed a resolution opposing the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 (SAFE Act) passed by the state legislature and signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in the wake of the killing of school children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.


That sparked a sharp admonition from Dr. Ken Hilton, former superintendent of the Sullivan West School District, who said, “I’m shocked at the resolution you just approved. I’m speaking as a former member of the National Rifle Association, licensed by them as a rifle/shotgun instructor. Did you read the words of that resolution? You know that all constitutional rights have limitations. The First Amendment doesn’t allow you to go into a crowded theater and yell fire.”

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3 responses to “Town of Callicoon gun resolution draws pushback

  1. If Dr. Ken Hilton is shocked, and also an ex-member of the NRA, that says a world of things about his attitude. He’s yet another in a long line of liberals who believe that they are better, smarter and much more attuned than the rest of us mere mortals. I think that Dr. Ken Hilton isn’t as smart or in touch as he believes, or he’d be DEFENDING the Constitution from that clown, Cuomo, who’s only looking for an issue to ride to the White House.
    Then again, I’m looking at this matter from the viewpoint of an honorably retired Police Officer and also that of an NRA Endowment Member who has belonged to the NRA since 1962.
    Cops can’t defend you. Get used to that idea.

  2. Robert Kennedy

    Apparently mr. hilton doesn’t think freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution. His sharp tongued rebuke of elected officials, yes he is entitled to it, that follow the belief >”Of the people, By the people and For the people” in the execution of that elected position, shows disregard of the voting process. I trust the resolution was duly voted on and passed. I find his comment ” all constitutional rights have limitations” offensive and in poor taste. I see the “safe act” as a knee jerk response by cuomo as an abuse of power and does nothing to thwart criminal activity and only makes most legal gun owners criminals (by definition).

  3. By the same token, then going into a crowded theater and yelling, “Fire!” even if there is a fire, is then illegal? Because that is the proper analogy.

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