Orleans County Legislature joins in opposition to state’s new gun law

The Orleans County Legislature joined a growing voice of upstate New York counties in opposing many of the provisions of the New York SAFE Act, a gun control measure that legislators say was rushed into passage by the state Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The Orleans body called on state legislators to hold public hearings on gun control violence, seeking “meaningful” solutions.

Several residents addressed the Legislature before the vote on Wednesday. Mike Donahue, president of the Orleans County Sportsmen’s Federation, urged the legislators to formally oppose the new state law. That was the message from residents Paul Rusin of Holley, Mattie Zarpentine of Holley, and Jim Flint of Ridgeway.

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2 responses to “Orleans County Legislature joins in opposition to state’s new gun law

  1. I hope our elected official oppose these new gun laws and stand up for our rights, I just joned the NRA and wife is joining tomorrow, I am a hunter and target shooter and do not want these rights crushed. Bruce

    • Excellent. Let your representatives know what you think and make sure your friends are registered to vote for their rights.

      I’ve also heard good things about Gun Owners of America. Apparently they compromise less than the NRA: http://gunowners.org/

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