Chautauqua County resolution opposing NY SAFE act

Passed 2/27/2013

Chautauqua 02 February 2013 PS by Evan Hempel

7 responses to “Chautauqua County resolution opposing NY SAFE act

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  2. Motion-Calling for the Repeal of the New York State SAFE Act of 2013
    PASSED 21-3

  3. A small victory for law abiding citizens. This was a vote for protection of all of our rights under the Constitutions of the United States and New York.
    Thank You Legislators for following your sworn oath and doing the right thing for your fellow citizens. Now maybe a meaningful discussion can take place with a good outcome and not a poor law pushed through in the night full of mistakes for personal political gain.


  5. It doesnt mean crap how many counties or people want the safe repealed. If they dont repeal it, then what do we do??

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