Westfield leaders reaffirm support of Constitution

The elected officials in the Village of Westfield reaffirmed their oaths of office during their regular Board of Trustees meeting by passing their first resolution of the year: to pledge continued support of the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amend-ment.

The basis for the resolution, explained Village Clerk Vince Luce, was born out of the Town of Deer Park, passing a similar resolution.

“All elected or appointed officials take an oath of office, and within that oath they are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution, which is the law of our land. Our board of trustees feels that there are benefits to the use and ownership of firearms, especially for hunting and personal safety and that the SAFE Act is in violation of these rights. It is hoped that several communities across the state will pass similar resolutions and encourage our state legislators to apply pressure to change some of these actions,” stated Luce.

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