Gun rights advocates call on lawmakers to support SAFE Act repeal

Gun rights advocates came to a meeting of the Albany County Legislature fully loaded in support of a Hilltowns legislator’s push to repeal the SAFE Act.

The chamber overflowed on Monday, March 11, with a majority of the gathered crowd voicing opposition to new gun control laws. Republican Legislator Deborah Busch presented a proclamation for fellow lawmakers to sign in support of repealing the SAFE Act.

At least 14 legislators had signed the proclamation by the end of the meeting, according to Busch, meaning at least four Democrats signed on. It was not immediately clear which legislators signed the document.

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One response to “Gun rights advocates call on lawmakers to support SAFE Act repeal

  1. I am saddened that Albany has decided to allow Political grandstanding to dictate law.
    The horrible display of passing laws in the middle of the night, under neccessity, is both Unconstitutional and Unethical. Governor Cuomo and NYS Legislaors should be ashamed of themselves. This seems to be the norm of late, more than the exception.
    The SAFEACT does little to curb any violence. It merely acts as a
    “feel good” measure, while stripping many rights that were considered to inalienable at the inception of this country.
    We waste too much money and time on these ill-conceived laws. I have seen both Pro and Anti rhetoric for this act, but never any mention of how this will be funded. This will be an expensive venture if no resolution is passed, not to mention lawsuits.
    I would like to see something done to help make families safer, but blaming guns and law abiding citizens is skirting the actual issues.
    We need a comprehensive; intuitive Bill to address violence and get to the root causes of this issue. What we were handed was a knee-jerk reaction to a horrible slaying of innocent babies, at the hands of a troubled psychopath. Until recent events, these killings have been saved for the hands of Goverments, both foriegn and domestic.
    The rights that NYS is trying to take are not for hunting or recreation. They are meant for protection, both personal and as balance between citizen and government.
    I urge you not to take this lightly, for it is this very right that acts as a safeguard for many of your other rights. I am in no way professing that a civil uprising is on the horizon, merely stating a simple truth.
    I will not pander to ethier political party, but have failed to see any Bipartisan support of the SAFEACT. Although there was support from certain Republican members(sure to be crucified by their voters), The nays from the Democrats still stands at zero. Surely there must be a few Democrats that still care about the Constitution??????????Where are you????????
    A simple web search will show overwhelming support to repeal this Bill in all counties North of Westchester. Counties South are not involved with this Bill, it is already illegal to possess these weapons in NYC. Yet they would have their opinions forced on the rest of the State.
    Taking away ones right of “choice” should only be done great debate and clarity, not skulking around in the middle of the night under the cloak of fear and darkness.
    What “choice” will be taken next?????Pro-Life, Right to Jury, Right to Vote, Speech, Expression, Buster’s Law, Etc. ????You choose, they are all up for grabs.
    NYS residents should be incensed by the arbitrary manner in which elected officials have imposed this legislature on the general public.
    Further, all residents should call for an immediate repeal until a proper measure can be put in place that supports the rights of all residents to live in a safe community. There is middle ground, but it will never be found under political power plays and false claims of neccessity.
    I am sorry to have voted for Andrew Coumo. I beleive there is a strong “neccessity” for a leadership change in the next election.

    Rob Schafer

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