Madison County sheriff on SAFE Act

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The below link was a letter issued by the Sheriff earlier this year regarding his observations of NY SAFE Act.  This, along with the resolution issued by the Madison County Board of Supervisors (you can read that on the Madison County website) should give you a clear indication of where the Sheriff, and the collective Board of Supervisors, stand on this subject.  This was published in many local and regional newspapers in late January 2013:

The SAFE Act continues to evolve, with several modifications/amendments being suggested in Albany through input of not only state and local officials, but those of the public as well.  Your concerns should also be noted and communicated with both your State Senator and Legislator so they too are aware of their constituent concerns.

Sheriff Riley stands with the other Sheriff’s of New York State, who have issued a joint letter to the Governor addressing their concerns with the bill as well.  Some of those areas are captured in the letter (above).

2 responses to “Madison County sheriff on SAFE Act

  1. i know this has been seen before but i will say it again … SHELL NOT BE INFRINGED .. i feel for you guy you in politics … but guess what… buy some jeans and a few tee shirts… cuz you will be voted of of office.. then you might think that the whole NYS do not agree with this law or the way it was passed….my wife told me today… you have a choice… i will say make yours wisely … or you will be out of a job like the reast of us that stand by our rights and we stand by others that cant.. we are the people… you work for us not you…

  2. According to our U.S. and N.Y.S. Constitutions, elected Officials from the
    POTUS Obama, Congress, Governor Cuomo and the Legislature are the
    citizen’s representatives, and work for the people. As a Constitutional
    Republic, we citizens are guaranteed certain unalienable rights that are
    not to be infringed upon. Then WHY is it that when Liberal Progressives
    are in governance, their personal agendas always attempt to trample our
    personal liberties? Why do they continue to assume that their intellect is
    far more superior to the people that employ them? And, why do they always
    believe that no matter how many good, law abiding citizens suffer the
    consequences of their draconian legislation, they know what is better for us
    than we do ourselves? This Dictatorship mindset of the Cuomo Administration, has finally met it’s end, as we NYS citizens, who you work for, will bring about the REPEAL of this unconstitutional NY S.A.F.E.
    Act, known as the Rape Of The U.S. Second Amendment!

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