Towns of Cairo and Durham oppose the NY SAFE act

The towns of Cairo and Durham have joined New Baltimore and Greene County in passing a resolution stating their opposition to New York’s controversial gun control law known as the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act.

The law, passed in January in less than a day using a message of necessity from Governor Andrew Cuomo, is one of the most restrictive guns laws in the country. It broadens the definition of banned “assault” rifles, imposes a seven-round limit on magazines, increases penalties for illegal gun possession, expands background check requirements, reduces public access to gun permit information and allows mental health professionals to report gun-owning patients they fear might harm themselves or others.

The vast majority of New York State counties have passed resolutions opposing the measure, and many law enforcement agencies, including the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, have spoken out against it— particularly for the glaring oversight of not initially providing an exemption for law enforcement.

“In my view, it infringes on the rights — whether it’s hunting, whether it’s sport shooting, whether it’s personal protection — of every resident of this town,” said Durham Town Supervisor William Carr, Jr.

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