New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services on SAFE act concerns

NYAPRS Note: Concerns continue to be raised with the NY SAFE Act’s mental health reporting requirements. Here are North Country pieces that include concerns raised by Clinton County Community Services Director Sherrie Gillette, BHSN’s Peter Trout, who also serves on NYAPRS’ Executive Committee and by staff from NYAPRS and the Mental Health Empowerment Project.

Mental-Health Agencies Eye New Gun Law
By Felicia Krieg Plattsburth Press-Republican<> June 18, 2013

PLATTSBURGH – While local mental-health providers comply with the dictates of New York’s new gun law, some feel serious concern about it.

The NY SAFE Act added section 9.46 to the state’s Mental Hygiene Law, which, as of March 16, made it mandatory that physicians, psychologists, registered nurses and licensed clinical social workers report patients who are “likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to self or others.”

“I’m really concerned that people will become fearful about coming to services or maybe won’t access services … or they may be less forthcoming with clinician,” said Sherrie Gillette, director of community services at Clinton County Mental Heath and Addiction Services.

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