More information on our FOIL request

A dedicated supporter crunched through the 558 pages of resolutions we got in response to our FOIL request to the governor’s office. Overall, the request produced documentation identifying 200 municipal resolutions in opposition to the SAFE Act, most of the 52 county resolutions in opposition, and a handful of resolutions in support. Of the municipal resolutions in opposition, there were 48 (spread across 28 counties) which were not already identified on the webpage. At the time of receipt of the FOIL request, we were already aware of 253 resolutions in opposition to the SAFE Act, and many of those 253 were not included in the FOIL request. The combination of the 253 previously known resolutions with the 48 new resolutions in the FOIL request, now result in an overall total of 301 municipal resolutions in opposition to date. The many dozens of missing resolutions from the FOIL request could have been missing for any of several reasons, including: some municipalities that did not mail their resolutions to the Executive Chamber; mail mis-filings by Executive Chamber staff; recently passed resolutions which have not yet been mailed, or not yet processed by the Executive Chamber staff at the time the FOIL request was compiled and provided. But, regardless of these reasons, what we have on the webpage is the most complete, accurate, up-to-date record of documented resolutions in opposition to the NYS SAFE Act. With the help of our many supporters, we will continue to provide these important information updates.

Please continue to visit your town and village boards, and use Privilege of the Floor to express your desire that they pass resolutions in support of Civil Rights and 2A, and also, to review the municipal list, and let us know if we are missing any!

Additionally if you are part of any civic organization, particularly one impacted by the law, please consider pursuing passage of a resolution or writing a letter of opposition. Many police, veteran, medical, and hunting organizations have already done this.

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