Delaware And Schoharie County Oppose SAFE Act

Correction to article: As of December 26th 2013, this news article is incorrect about the number of counties objecting to use of their county seal or logo in conjunction with state SAFE act communications.  52 counties have opposed the so called SAFE act, but the movement to pass resolutions regarding use of county seal or logo is just beginning at this point.  We are keeping a separate list of county seal resolutions; click to see the current total.

Earlier this month, the Delaware County Board of Supervisors joined 56 other New York State counties by passing a resolution objecting to the use of the county’s seal or logo on the state’s website associated with SAFE Act required pistol permit recertifications or any other SAFE Act associated websites or literature.

County officials expressed particular frustration and, in some cases, anger over the additional resources the law is requiring from county officials, including the sheriff and county clerk, in enforcing a law which was supposed to be the responsibility of the state.

“It’s just another unfunded mandate from Albany”, said Davenport Supervisor Dennis Valente. “And the state seems to be handling it with the same amount of efficiency they are using with the STAR program.”

Middletown Supervisor Marjorie Miller was the only supervisor present at the meeting to vote against the resolution.

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