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Seneca county to consider resolution calling for repeal of so called NY SAFE act

2. ISSUE: New York State SAFE Act

DESCRIPTION: The State of New York, apparently in reaction to recent acts of violence recently passed legislation virtually without preparation or study, severely affecting the rights of New York residents to maintain firearms. This legislation, currently being challenged in the courts, restricts the loading of firearm magazines to seven rounds with no apparent exception for law enforcement personnel, makes unlawful the possession of magazines and firearms currently lawfully owned by tens of thousands of New Yorkers, restricts private sale of firearms and requires licensing or relicensing of firearms previously not requiring license or for which licenses were obtained without need for periodic renewal. It is believed that many County residents are deeply concerned with this legislation, its effects and the undue haste with which it was enacted.

ACTION: Recommendation by the Committee that the Board of Supervisors pass a resolution calling for repeal of the so called New York SAFE Act of 2013.

Source: page 8 of linked PDF