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Citizens Air Gun Law Opposition In Jefferson

Last Thursday’s monthly meeting of the Jefferson Town Board began with the reading of a letter from community member Hans Hall encouraging board members to represent the people of Jefferson and send a letter to the governor opposing the SAFE Act. Hall’s call for action in opposing the controversial new law was supported by a petition submitted by Marc Lawrence, which included the signatures 93 Jefferson residents.

Supervisor Dan Singletary said he agreed with Hall’s opinion and those of the residents who signed the petition opposing the law and believed the town should join other municipalities in calling for its repeal. He suggested the town board approve a similar resolution to the one passed by the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors in February, opposing the process of enactment and certain provisions contained within the new law.

Board members unanimously voted in favor of passing a resolution supporting the one passed at the county level. Singletary said that resolution would be completed this week and sent to the county and all elected town representatives, both at the state and federal level.

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