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Tusten opposes NY SAFE; Residents speak at public hearing

Supervisor Carol Ropke Wingert said, “The people who crafted this law have no clue what they’re talking about…. They’ve made criminals of good upstanding citizens.”

Councilman Tony Ritter mentioned the importance of holding a public hearing, as was happening that night, as opposed to the NY SAFE Act that was passed without one. He said, “One of the principles that I ran on in 2011 for the position of councilman for the Town of Tusten was the necessity of transparent government.” He went on to say, “This law was hurried and flawed due to emotionally charged events that have recently occurred.”

After it was put to a vote by the board, the resolution was passed unanimously. Similar resolutions have already been passed in other towns in the areas such as Thompson, Cochecton, and Callicoon, Liberty and Deer Park.

Councilman Ned Lang said, “It was great seeing everybody coming out and participating in the democratic process and voicing their opinions.”

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