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Warren County wants no part of Safe Act

Warren County supervisors don’t want county gun owners to think they had anything to do with the state’s controversial Safe Act gun laws.

County supervisors followed the lead of others around upstate New York who have requested that State Police not use county letterheads or seals when sending out paperwork to handgun owners to renew their pistol permits.

Handgun owners around the state will receive renewal forms in the coming months, as part of a Safe Act change requiring that permits be renewed every five years.

Those forms were supposed to show some sort of county letterhead or emblem such as the county seal of the county in which the permit holder lives, but when word was received by county officials, they began voicing opposition it.

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Warren County resolution opposing NY SAFE act

This resolution was passed on February 15th

Warren County R110 2013 by Evan Hempel

Warren County supervisors don’t like new gun law, nor way it was passed

Warren County supervisors didn’t plan to discuss New York’s recent gun law changes at their meeting Friday.

But a comment by one supervisor about the state’s method in changing the law, and how it differed from the procedures counties must follow to change laws, ended with a committee unanimously passing a resolution opposing both the law change and how the state made it.

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