Cattaraugus County lawmakers urge gun law repeal

Joining with other county governments across the state, members of the Cattaraugus County Legislature voted unanimously Wednesday to adopt a resolution urging the repeal of New York’s new gun control law.

The measure was presented by Legislator William Aiello of Olean after a recent meeting of the New York State Association of Counties, where he serves as second vice president. The meeting was a training involving members from Western New York and the Adirondacks. The regions banded together to pass a joint resolution calling for the appeal of the bill, Aiello said.

“We brought this bill back and decided to bring it forward as a show of support for what the New York Sheriffs Association, as well as the New York State Clerks Association, have said,” he explained. “The SAFE Act was pushed through and didn’t give anyone the chance to voice their opinion of it. It didn’t take into account law enforcement, among other things.”

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