Montgomery County vote on SAFE resolution

The Montgomery Co. Board of Supervisors are planning to vote on a resolution opposing the NY SAFE ACT at their monthly meeting, February 26, 2013 at the Board of Supervisor chambers located in the DMV building at the county complex in Fonda. Meeting time is 6:00pm.

2 responses to “Montgomery County vote on SAFE resolution

  1. I feel that the SAFE ACT legislation is unconstitutional and should be repealed immediately. Although it has it’s good parts, that being to address the mental illness problems in our state. The majority of it does nothing to take the guns away from criminals, who already have them, but only penalizes the law abiding citizens and makes them less safe in their own homes. I encourage the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors to pick up a history book and read why the American Revolution was fought which then lead the framers of the constitution to adopted the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. I encourage you all to stay true to the oath of office that you took to uphold the “US Constitution” and vote to oppose the SAFE ACT. Thank you.

  2. I respectfully ask the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors to vote to repeal the NY SAFE ACT. Then please work together with the state to find a constitutional way to address the true problem with illegal gun use and pocession.

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