Erie County Minority Caucus supports the repeal and revision of the New York SAFE Act

The Erie County Legislature’s Minority Caucus sponsored a resolution supporting the repeal and revision of the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 on Feb. 11. The minority caucus is led by Minority Leader John Mills.

The resolution was submitted by legislators Edward Rath, Lynne Dixon, Kevin Hardwick and Joseph Lorigo, as well as Mills.

In their opposition to the SAFE Act, the legislators called the swiftness of the legislation’s passage “remarkable for the state Legislature and governor, though lamentably not admirable, in this particular instance.” The Feb. 11 resolution went on to say that the legislators felt that part of the SAFE Act was “thoughtful,” in its attempt to “reduce instances of gun violence involving New Yorkers,” but that they believed other aspects of the act were “knee-jerk reactions made without the benefit of appropriate contemplation at best or, at worst, disingenuous fee grabs, cloaked as security measures.”

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