Chautauqua County residents are facing an uphill battle

Chautauqua County residents are facing an uphill battle in the effort to get a resolution for the repeal of the SAFE Act passed. Though there enough votes gathered at this time to bring about a vote at the meeting of the full legislature on Wednesday, February 27th at 6:30 pm, there are still not enough votes to get it passed.

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11 responses to “Chautauqua County residents are facing an uphill battle

  1. I’m opposing all, and any gun control, I hope others do the same, thank you Rudy.

  2. This attack on the 2nd amendment needs to be repealed. Enough people are fed up with this state in general, don’t be a reason people dislike it even more.

  3. Anti-gun legislation is political suicide in anything but the most liberal, far-left leaning areas. Time and again, when politicians have tried to legislate away the freedoms of law-abiding citizens it has cost them dearly in their political careers. Gov. Cuomo will likely never see another term as governor of New York, and can forget about a White House run. This legislation will follow him to his grave. This idea should concern all politicians who consider siding with Gov. Cuomo and harbor aspirations of a successful political future, especially when legislating in areas with high populations of outdoorsmen, hunters, and conservationists.

  4. My guns have never hurt or killed anybody !!! Fight to repel any and all of this unconstitutional trash,Remove from office all evolved and or whomever supported such control.

    Thank you

  5. I believe the law was passed illegally at the very least shadily. Cuomo and his ilk should be impeached – or better yet, Tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.


    We oppose any and all so called “gun control”!


    We oppose any and all gun control!

  8. I oppose any type of gun control of any kind.

  9. This is not an “act” its a tyranny act. One step closer to completely taking our guns. It’s complete garbage. I guarante you chautauqua county will lose residents as well as economic value from people who are fed up with those violating out rights. molon labe

  10. Chautauqua county needs to find the votes to make this resolution happen. What does going against the constitution mean to you? I don’t think patriot … I think tyrant and long prison terms

  11. There is enough votes to pass it now. Way to go

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