Starting a resolution in your County

First realize the power of one person taking action. Take a look at Mattie Zarpentine’s experience! (see below)

Contact your legislators (usually emails and phone numbers are on the County website). Let them know you’ve been watching nearby counties pass resolutions and you want them to pass one too. Let them know that the majority of NY Counties oppose the act. Give them copies of resolutions you like (this way you steer at least the initial draft).

If they’re still not sure, then let them know that their action on this issue will determine if you back a primary against them next election cycle.

Mattie Zarpentine’s experience starting the process of getting the act repealed in Orleans County

First, let me say that what gave me the push was listening to Lisa Donovan speak at the Feb. 8th “blizzard” rally in Albany. She spoke of the importance of women speaking up. It really struck home with me and I immediately got to work.

I wrote my county legislators and town board members on Sunday, the 10th. I heard back on Monday, the 11th, from the County chairman that I was the first to make the request and that he had expected more and sooner! I was shocked! Do not assume that someone else is doing the asking! They were more than willing to work on this and put a resolution on their Wednesday, the 13th, board agenda as an add-on. I made sure I was there to speak publicly on the issue. The resolution was read, in it’s entirety, and passed unanimously! In less than 4 days!

The gun banners want the public to believe that they are doing what women want: protecting innocent children. They make it sound like they are just taking away the “scary guns” to keep us vulnerable ones safe. Women must speak up and show that we are tax paying, hard working citizens. We are moms, wives, daughters, sisters and…gun owners! We do not appreciate our rights being trampled upon. We are not criminals!

In my appeal to the county and my town, I shared much of that. I also shared how, like the rest of the country, I was horrified at the tragedy of Sandy Hook, but the NY SAFE Act did nothing to prevent a tragedy like that from happening again. They used a tragedy solely to push their agenda.

I shared that I come from a long line of Patriots fighting in many of America’s wars dating back to the American Revolution. Their bravery and sacrifice are the reason why I fight for the Constitution today.

“Band-aid legislation” will not solve the problem of gun violence and crime. This issue is multi-faceted and needs to be addressed from many angles.

I think it helps to let the county/town you are appealing to know that they are not alone. Share with them others that have already passed legislation. If possible, share actual documentation. My county of Orleans has a beautifully written resolution that would be good to share.


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