Saratoga County resolution opposing NY SAFE act

Passed February 26th

Saratoga County Resolution Opposing the Ny Safe Act by Evan Hempel

3 responses to “Saratoga County resolution opposing NY SAFE act

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  2. Thomas E Villano Jr

    I am proud to live in Saratoga County. I own two homes in this county. One in Providence and one in Hadley, both towns were all in for this opposition. I find it hard to believe that any town would not stand with the people in our fight for freedom. Thank you so much.

  3. Richard D Lawrence

    The vote was 15 oppose 3 for and 5 absent supervisors.It would be interesting to know where the 5 absent stand.I was very surprised,that in Saratoga county home of the turning point of the revolutionary war.3 supervisors voted for governor Cuomo’s safe act and against New york states and the United States Constitutions.

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