Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple speaks out against SAFE Act

Albany County Sheriff speaks out against some provisions of the SAFE Act; but, he says he has no choice, but to enforce it. YNN’s Madeleine Rivera has more.

Thousands of people have criticized the SAFE Act, like the people rallying outside the Capitol last week. And, now, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple is speaking out against it.

“People should be concerned about the lawful gun owner because that’s our God-given right,” said Apple.

Apple says he’s not against all of the provisions. He opposes some, like restricting the definition of an assault weapon to a single feature and liming the legal number of bullets to seven.

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3 responses to “Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple speaks out against SAFE Act

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  2. Kieran O'Hagan

    Sheriff Apple claims he has no choice but to enforce the SAFE law. With all due respect, Sheriff, you are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. You do have a choice. Stand up and remember your oath of office, Sir!

  3. I lived in Albany county for all but a few years of my life.I’ve moved out just in time.There’s a saying “When seconds count the police are minutes away”.Unfortunately since the sheriff won’t be showing up to defend Americans from tyranny we’ll need self defense firearms.Oh! I’ve forgotten they’re banned in Albany now.You’re all in serious danger.My new sheriff (who we’ll back 100%) and county already gave Andrew “Mussolini” the finger.And we’ll fight for our freedom.

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