Monroe County resolution opposing NY SAFE act

UPDATE- Press Release Monroe County Takes Official Action to Oppose NY SAFE Act by Evan Hempel

Certified Monroe County Resolution 13-0083 of 2013 – Replealing the New York State Secure Ammunition and Fi… by Evan Hempel

Adopted Monroe County Legislature Resolution 13-0083 by Evan Hempel

3 responses to “Monroe County resolution opposing NY SAFE act

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  3. I agree with Monroe County.You are punishing the law abiding people of this state for criminals actions.You are making it safe for criminals to carry on with their actions.In the meantime your making it unsafe for the people to live here.As far as the Websters law I agree. I also believe you should bring back the death penalty for those that intend physical harm or death to another.I don’t believe you should nor do you have the right to legislate us from protecting ourselves and how we are to protect ourselves.In today’s world thugs run in gangs so to limit us to a certain number of bullets we can have is ludicrous.I myself would rather die in your prison then watch my wife or daughter fall prey to these thugs and would hope you’d agree.Women need to level the playing field here.The great equalizer is a gun with as many rounds she needs to stop the aggression.In closing I think that people trying to keep us from protecting ourselves are the one’s we should be protecting ourselves against.

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