Town of Virgil resolution opposing the NY SAFE act

SAFE ACT (GUN LAW)-CRAIG UMBEHAUER COMENTS: New York State’s recently passed gun control legislation has been heavily criticized by and creates many concerns for law abiding gun owners in the state. The legislation passed was hurried through the Legislature and displays a lack of knowledge and rational thought on the part of many in that body. Craig Umbehauer, Virgil Code Enforcement Officer and responsible gun owner, encouraged the Board to adopt a resolution opposing this new law and join the many towns and counties who have informed the Governor and State legislators of their opposition to it.

Supervisor Kaminski has adapted a model resolution for the Town Board to consider for adoption and delivery to Governor Cuomo and the legislators who represent the Town in the State Legislature. (Senator Jim Seward voted against the bill while Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton supported it).

Member Stiles moved to adopt the resolution opposing the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (SAFE) of 2013 as presented. Member Snow seconded the motion. Vote: Ayes-Members Taylor, Snow, Stiles and Kaminski. Nays-None. Passed unanimously.

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