Sullivan County Legislature passes resolution to repeal New York’s gun law

The Sullivan County Legislature approved a resolution calling for a repeal of New York’s SAFE Act gun-control measure on a day when more than 200 gun-rights supporters swarmed Government Center for a noon rally.

Many of those at the rally stayed to watch the Legislature unanimously support repeal of the law.

Legislators Gene Benson and Cora Edwards introduced Sullivan’s repeal resolution, which is similar to resolutions passed around the state, including in Ulster County.

“I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the state of New York,” Benson told the crowd that rallied outside Government Center’s south entrance. “We the people are at the bottom. We have to let the people at the top know where we stand.”

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3 responses to “Sullivan County Legislature passes resolution to repeal New York’s gun law

  1. Matthew Perkins

    I oppose this new law. It is a major infringement on our 2nd amendment. This was passed behind closed doors with out letting the people have any say in the matter. We live in the United States of America. This is supposed to be a free country. We have been getting our rights stripped little by little now with big government we are getting them stripped faster then ever before. This does nothing to stop crime our government is corrupted. There was a time that they worked for us. That time has passed. Me I say no to this bill and any further infringements on any of our rights as Americans.

  2. All this knee jerk reaction Happened because some Mentally disabled nut lost it.
    To the baby’s and there families in newton. We will always be thinking of you .And in your name we will protect those that are still here.

    Have we done anything to protect my children for this kind of nonsense?
    The Safe Act pushed through on cuomo’s watch hasn’t done anything to give me relief.
    Lets put some mentally competent people,armed, watching over my kids.
    whether it be armed guards,law enforcement, Or trained teachers.
    More guns in hands of law abiding citizens with a watchful eye will stop this kind of senseless violence

    Safe Act is just some bullshit from a man with a political agenda.
    Enough said!

  3. Very powerful, thank you!

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