Town of Geneseo passes resolution against SAFE act

SAFE ACT: Supervisor Wadsworth handed out the latest updates to the SAFE Act to the Board. Councilwoman Irwin asked if other Towns in the county were moving slowly on this. Supervisor Wadsworth said that yes, they were; our surrounding Towns were taking their time to review and alter the SAFE Act. Councilman Wrubel corrected a spelling error, adding an “e” to the word ”infringe” in paragraph two and also capitalizing the “T” in the word “This”, also in paragraph two. Councilman Taylor moved and Councilwoman Irwin seconded the motion to approve the corrections and alterations of the SAFE Act and to adopt the Act as presented. Motion passed with voting as follows: Wadsworth-aye; Taylor-aye;Wrubel-aye; Irwin-aye. Nays: None.

Meeting minutes [pdf]…

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