Yates County resolution that use of Yates County seal is not authorized on SAFE act website

From Finger Lake Times:

The Legislature responded to the state’s request to use the county’s seal on the SAFE Act website with a unanimous “no deal.”


Mrs. Alexander offered the following resolution and moved its adoption, seconded by Mr. Banach.


WHEREAS, the NYS Safe Act coordinators on their website are indicating a desire of utilizing the appearance of the Yates County Sheriff’s seal and or the Yates County Clerk’s county seal in the heading of the website for registration of certain weapons, and Sheriff Spike and County Clerk Betts are not authorizing their seals for this purpose, as by doing so may imply to gun owners that the office has a direct role in the recertification process per the Safe Act when this process is a New Yo rk State responsibility,

WHEREAS, in recent discussions the State has indicated an interest in using the Seal of Yates County and the names of the offices of the Yates County Sheriff and Yates County Clerk in pistol permit recertification notices,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that this Legislature does not authorize the use of the name or the seal of the county, or seals with a part thereof, or any of its officers, letterheads or address in the heading of any Safe Act web site for the purposes of correspondence with legal and registered gun owners regarding permit recertification or any other recertification for any other purpose associated with the Safe Act, and

RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be provided the Governor, State Police Superintendent, our Senator O’Mara and Assemblyman Palmesano, the County Clerk, County Sheriff, and County Attorney.

VOTE: Unanimous

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