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The Yates County Republican Committee, along with many other Local Citizens and Area Groups, is outraged at Governor Cuomo’s unprecedented attack on our Second Amendment Rights. The unfunded mandates and the processes by which the ‘SAFE’ Legislation was forced upon us Is reprehensible.

Consider this; we in the Finger Lakes Region have taken well over a year now to conduct numerous studies, public hearings and debate over the ‘Fracking’ Issue in New York. This is a Technology which has the potential to re-vitalize our State’s economy and lower Energy Costs. This is a Technology which we continue to study and fail to resolve this vital Issue. Why is there such abundant time for Debate on this critical Issue, yet a full on assault of our Second Amendment rights must be rammed down our throats almost overnight?

This new Law was pushed through the Legislative Process by Gov. Cuomo with no studies, no public hearings, no input from Law Enforcement, no consultation with Elected Officials and no Public Hearings. Yet, it was immediately signed into Law by Gov. Cuomo, who did so ignoring the usual three day requirement for Elected Representatives to be able to review the Legislation and receive feedback from their constituents.
Let there be no mistake about it, this was not only an attack on our Constitutional right to bear arms, it was yet another attack on our basic Freedom and our right of Representation.

This Law has nothing at all to do with the safety and security of children, first responders or average Citizens. It is an attempt by the Governor to further his own Political ambitions.

The incident in Connecticut was about the failure of the Mental Health System. The incident in Webster was about a violent felon being released from prison when he should have served the rest of his life there.

This Law will simply create more victims, and those victims might well be people who were once Law Abiding Citizens.

The right of self defense is an inherent right, bestowed upon us by our Creator. It is not “granted” to us by elitist, Ruling Class Politicians like Andrew Cuomo, Sheldon Silver or, apparently, by some of our own “Republican” Representatives to be denied us when they see fit.

George Washington said, “Do not be misled; a Free People ought not only be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own Government.”

Therefore, our position at the YRC is:
*We condemn the NYS Safe Act
*We condemn the process by which it was passed
*We condemn the unfunded Mandates the State Government continuously burdens Local Governments with
*We will work tirelessly to see this Law overturned
*We demand that the unfunded Mandates stop

We commend, and will support those Elected Officials with the courage to oppose this misguided Law and will Publicly condemn those Elected Officials who support the “Safe Act” and the unfunded Mandates

We will seek Citizens to run for Public Office who support the Constitution and replace those Politicians who will not support the repeal of this Law

We seek the support of the Yates County Legislature in pursuit of these goals. This is a very serious matter of preserving our Constitutional Rights, our Freedom and our very fabric as a Free Society, ….of preserving our Country.

It starts here. It starts now.

From: http://www.yatesrepublicanparty.org/safe_act.htm
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