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Grand Island Town Board passes resolution against SAFE Act

The Grand Island Town Board received a hearty round of applause after passing a resolution asking New York State to suspend the SAFE Act.

“Pretty much unanimously, I think people were pretty upset about how it was passed and the lack of the debate and the lack of discussion,” Town Supervisor Mary Cooke, R-Grand Island, said.

Conservatives and gun enthusiasts were asked to come show their support and filled the town court room Monday.

“It’s ill-conceived,” Grand Island Conservative Committee Chairman Kevin Backus said. “Once again the Governor’s using a message of necessity to run something through without considering the ramifications of what’s going on.”

“We had no public input,” Tea Party Activist Russ Thompson said. “There was no public input whatsoever. So this is our opportunity, meeting like this and meetings in all the counties across the state for the people to have their voice heard.”

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Town of Grand Island resolution opposing NY SAFE Act

Passed unanimously March 3rd 2013.

Grand Island Agenda 3/4/13 by Evan Hempel