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Town of Jewett resolution opposing the SAFE Act

Town of Jewett resolution opposing the SAFE Act passed unanimously.

On a motion by Councilman McCrary, 2nd by Councilman Pellitteri and carried, The Board adopted Resolution #7 of 2013.

Subject: Calling for repeal of the enactment of the New York Safe Act.

“WHERAS, the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed under the second amendment of the US Constitution and that this is regarded as an inalienable right; and

WHEREAS, those representing the people at the state level did not have an opportunity to receive input from their constituents; and

WHEREAS, there was no urgency to pass the NY SAFE ACT without the maturing process and for public hearing; and

WHEREAS, this legislation does nothing to take guns out of the hands of violent criminals; and

WHEREAS, the NY SAFE ACT imposes a series of financial and other burdens on the backs of law-abiding citizens and businesses;

THEREFORE BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Town of Jewett urges repeal of the NY SAFE ACT which is unconstitutional; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that public hearings be held as required in order to arrive at solutions that are constitutional, workable, effective and fair; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution be sent to Governor A Cuomo, Senator Dean Skelos, Senator Cecilia Tkacyk, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Assembly Speaker Peter Lopez and NYS Association of Counties; and

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Jewett Town Board requests in writing views and actions of those named above in support or opposition of the NY SAFE ACT.”

ROLL CALL VOTE:  AYE Muth, McCrary, Pellitteri and Trach.