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Town of Massena resolution opposing the NY SAFE act

Resolution #_____ to call for the Discussion, Amendment and Repair of the flaws in the so-called SAFE ACT (Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement ACT) of the State of New York.

WHEREAS, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the majority of the New York State Legislature hastily passed legislation know as the SAFE Act in a stated attempt to combat violent behavior of individuals, and,

WHEREAS, said legislation was passed without allowing for public review or comment with the intent to avoid such review and comment for the stated reason that New York would be the first state to pass such legislation, and,

WHEREAS, some portions of the SAFE Act are positive and sensible while others are dramatically flawed, defy common sense and only serve to inconvenience and punish law-abiding gun owners, and,

WHEREAS, many of these flaws in the SAFE Act could have been corrected by the Governor and the Legislature had they only taken the time to allow for public comment and review of, and,

WHEREAS, said legislation can easily be changed or amended going forward so as to enact truly meaningful legislation that would be sensible, useful and practical, now therefore be it,

RESOLVED, that the Massena Town Board strongly encourages Gov. Cuomo and the Legislature to immediately convene public hearings to discuss, amend, replace and repair the flaws in the SAFE Act to protect the Second Amendment rights of New York State gun owners. Be it further,

RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution be sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Patty Ritchie, Senator Joseph Griffo, Senator Elizabeth Little, Assemblyman Kenneth Blankenbush, Assemblyman Marc Butler, Assemblywoman Addie Russell, Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, St Lawrence County Legislature and any other Townships deemed necessary.