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Wellsville town councilmen call state gun law illegal

Arguing the people’s Second Amendment rights are being violated, Wellsville town leaders joined the opposition to the NY SAFE Act gun restriction law passed in Albany in January.

“Gov. (Andrew) Cuomo, the state Senate and the state Assembly have, in my opinion, have grievously violated our Second Amendment rights and passed illegal legislation that violates the oath of office that we took,” said Councilman Shad Alsworth. “I feel that every one of us has a duty to protect the oath we took when we took office. This resolution may be deemed illegal according to some statements that I’ve researched. The New York state Constitution was violated by our governor. It was violated by the state Assembly. It was violated by the state Senate.”

Another argument made in the resolution, passed unanimously Wednesday by the five councilmen, was the SAFE Act was passed on a false claim of “necessity” following the killing of more than 25 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

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