Columbia County Supervisors will play it safe with SAFE Act

COLUMBIA COUNTY — The Columbia County Board of Supervisors will not be joining their counterparts in surrounding counties in jumping into the explosive fray concerning the new gun control law passed by the state legislature and introduced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Patrick Grattan, R-Kinderhook, said there was a consensus among the supervisors not to weigh in on the controversial topic of gun control and the NY SAFE Act, passed by the state legislature.

Grattan said that supervisors are telling their constituents to contact their state representatives about their concerns with the legislation, if they have any.

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5 responses to “Columbia County Supervisors will play it safe with SAFE Act

  1. Wow!! I am astounded that Columbia County Supervisors are not listening to those who put them in office. Ignoring your local constituents and simply doing nothing is as bad for your careers as doing something like Cuomo and voting something thru overnight with no waiting period that 80% of the state does not want. Do the right thing. Listen to YOUR voters.

  2. Anthony Orlando

    No Stand? COWARDS! What do you have the courage to stand up for, if not your constituents or the U.S. Constitution? You pathetic losers should not be re-elected.

  3. Robert Kennedy

    You are elected officials and as such should abide by the wants and needs of the people. > remember, “by the people, for the people”. Do not pass off your responsibility by telling them to “contact your state representative”. If your spine is that weak >GET OUT OF OFFICE!

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