Onondaga County Legislature requests repeal of New York SAFE Act

The Onondaga County Legislature voted 14-3 today to ask the state to repeal the N.Y. SAFE Act, a recently enacted law that restricts or outlaws certain types of firearms. It was a party-line vote, with Republicans in support and Democrats against.

The vote came a day after a public hearing Monday that drew several hundred opponents of the law to the legislative chambers.

Veteran Legislator Kathleen Rapp, R-Salina, said she has seldom seen such a “one-sided response from across my entire district” to a controversial issue. Rapp said the SAFE Act produced a “visceral” response in many of her constituents.

The Legislature also voted 15-2 to voice opposition to proposed state legislation that would require gun owners to acquire liability insurance. Legislators Linda Ervin and Monica Williams voted against the measure.

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