St. Lawrence County finalizes resolution against Gov Cuomo’s gun control law

The St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators tonight unanimously approved the resolution opposing the NY SAFE Act law.

Approximately thirty citizens came out to support and speak to the legislators urging them to pass the resolution and call on the state representatives and Governor Cuomo to repeal the law.

During the brief legislative debate tonight in Canton, Legislator Dan Parker (R-Potsdam) entered a resolution to change the resolution to clearly call for the SAFE Act’s repeal. Also, Legislator Kevin Acres (R-Madrid) submitted a resolution to commend the state senators and assembly members that voted against the SAFE Act in Albany. Both of those resolutions were defeated.

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One Response to St. Lawrence County finalizes resolution against Gov Cuomo’s gun control law

  1. As a citizen resident and registered voter of St. Lawrence county, I will add my voice to those who are calling for repeal of Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act legislation. Although parts of it do call for stronger penalties against those who commit crimes with guns, the parts that limit the types of weapons law abiding citizens may own and the ammunition capacity limits on common weapons (thus making them illegal) are clearly violations of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution and are as such, unlawful. The SAFE Act is an unjust law. The Governor overstepped his authority and failed to follow due process in gaining its passage. He has shown no intention of reconsidering, or removing those parts of the law that infringe on New Yorkers’ gun ownership rights. He should be removed from office for dereliction of duty. Those who govern are sworn to uphold the US Constitution. In breaking that oath, they are no longer fit to hold office.

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