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St. Lawrence County reaches agreement on SAFE Act opposition

St. Lawrence County legislators reached a bipartisan agreement Tuesday opposing the use of the county seal on pistol permit recertifications and other paperwork related to the New York SAFE Act and calling for the repeal of the law.

Use of the county’s logo implies that the county agrees with the SAFE Act but most of its residents do not, Legislator Alex A. MacKinnon, R-Fowler, said.

“I don’t know if we’re ever going to get it repealed because New York City likes it,” he said.

Mr. Lightfoot welcomed an amendment to his resolution from Mr. Burns requesting the repeal of the SAFE Act in its entirety, a stance that the majority of legislators had shied away from before.

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St. Lawrence County finalizes resolution against Gov Cuomo’s gun control law

The St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators tonight unanimously approved the resolution opposing the NY SAFE Act law.

Approximately thirty citizens came out to support and speak to the legislators urging them to pass the resolution and call on the state representatives and Governor Cuomo to repeal the law.

During the brief legislative debate tonight in Canton, Legislator Dan Parker (R-Potsdam) entered a resolution to change the resolution to clearly call for the SAFE Act’s repeal. Also, Legislator Kevin Acres (R-Madrid) submitted a resolution to commend the state senators and assembly members that voted against the SAFE Act in Albany. Both of those resolutions were defeated.

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Saint Lawrence County working to oppose NY SAFE Act

The St. Lawrence County Finance Committee unanimously passed a resolution in opposition to the NY SAFE Act gun control law.

St.Lawrence became the 48th of sixty-two counties have either passed or have pending resolutions in opposition to the law. Tonight’s resolution now moves to the full board scheduled for next week.

About 100 citizens came out to speak out against the controversial law. Arguments against the bill varied between the SAFE Act’s infringement on the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to Governor Cuomo’s “measure of necessity” enacted to push the bill through without public input.

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St. Lawrence County legislators will consider response to state gun law

Legislative Chairman Jonathan S. Putney, D-Waddington, named a committee of Legislators Joseph R. Lightfoot, R-Ogdensburg; Scott M. Sutherland, R-Pierrepont; Sallie A. Brothers, D-Norfolk; and Frederick S. Morrill, D-DeKalb Junction, to draft a recommendation for other lawmakers to consider next week.

Mr. Lightfoot, a retired state police investigator, said he has reviewed the law in preparation for drawing up a resolution that criticizes aspects of the statute. The committee is scheduled to meet Thursday, and Mr. Lightfoot said he hopes to introduce a resolution to legislators next week.

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