Rochester, Yonkers, White Plains among governments backing NY-SAFE Act

More than 30 county legislatures have passed resolutions in opposition to the state’s gun-control law. Some Democratic-controlled local governments are backing it, though.

Government leaders in White Plains; Ramapo, Rockland County; the Westchester County Legislature; and the Rochester City Council have either written lawmakers in support of the law or passed resolutions in favor of it. So too has the Yonkers city leadership.

“The new law includes the strongest assault weapons ban in the nation and we not only endorse this, we have acted upon it. Rochester has had an assault weapon ban on the books since 1993,” the Rochester City Council and Mayor Thomas Richards wrote in a letter Feb. 28 to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver…

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4 responses to “Rochester, Yonkers, White Plains among governments backing NY-SAFE Act

  1. I thought we were up to 50 counties opposed?

  2. These flat land liberals want stricter gun laws let them have their own utopian state. There they can live in their fantasy world sniffing unicorn flatulence, living in theory. While the rest of us live in practical reality.

  3. Every county North of 287 has passed a resolution against the NYSafe Act. Dont let them fool you. That leaves only Lower westchester the supports it

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