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Fulton County denies the State the right to use their County Seal

The board also formally denied the state permission to use the Fulton County seal or the seal of its sheriff’s department, for “purposes of correspondence with legal and registered gun owners regarding permit recertification or any other purpose” associated with the new Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, or SAFE Act.

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Fulton County taking aim at gun law

Fulton County’s supervisors have taken a strong position against the state’s new gun control regulations.

During a regular board meeting Monday, the supervisors discussed the state’s new gun control law — Safe Act — recently enacted by the state Legislature, and signed by Gov. Cuomo.

Resolution No. 32 endorsing the position of the New York State Sheriff’s Association expressing concern about Safe Act was unanimously passed.

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Fulton County resolution opposing NY SAFE act.

Passed 18-0 with 2 absent.

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