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Greene County Seal resolution

Greene County Seal resolution

Greene County sheriff opposes NY SAFE act

Sheriff Seeley began saying that while he supports several aspects of the law, including that which addresses the mentally ill; the section which requires gunowners to keep weapons inaccessible in homes where a resident has been involuntarily committed, convicted of a crime or is the subject of an order of protection; the “opt-out” clause which places a restriction on FOIL requests, allowing license pistol permit holders to keep information private and confidential; and that portion of the law which enhances penalties for killing of first responders — firefighters and emergency medical services — by making it first degree murder, requiring life without parole.

Other than that, Seeley said he stands with the people in the room and will do everything in his power to uphold their constitutional rights.

Seeley also said that as Sheriff he represents all the people in Greene County and he has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New York, and he will continue to enforce all laws of the state and protect the rights of all citizens, including those rights guaranteed by those constitutions.

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Greene county lawmakers vote to take a stand against NY Safe Act

If a new bill passes as law in the state in New York, Tom may have to get liability insurance for those firearms. The bill would require liability insurance of at least $1 million. “We’re opposing that before it gets to the floor,” said Wayne Speenburgh, the chairman of the Greene County legislature.

Greene county legislatures voted unanimously for a resolution that strongly opposes the bill and any other laws that would require gun owners to be insured. “It can run anywhere from $125 to $200 a year,” said Speenburgh.

“The hassle involved would be the thing as soon as you’re insured you’d have to register it,” said Gentalen. “Making it very hard to have and own a firearm.”

As opposition continues to grow from gun owners, the county board members also voted on another resolution. The resolution asks the state to revisit gun legislation and repeal the NY Safe Act. “I would hope the governor is listening and understands he’s awakened a sleeping giant,” said Speenburgh.

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Text of resolutions

Greene County resolutions calling for repeal of NY SAFE act and opposing insurance requirement for gun owners

Greene County Resolutions against NY SAFE by Evan Hempel