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Oswego County resolution to ban the state of New York from using the county seal, name or letterhead for any purpose associated with the SAFE Act

We don’t have the text yet, but know it was passed based on the following note in the Seneca County year end meeting agenda:

160. A copy of adopted resolutions opposing the use of the county name and seal by New York State for the SAFE Act: Essex County Resolution No. 369; Schoharie County Resolution No. 112; Allegany County Resolution No. 202-13; Tioga County Resolution No. 332-13; Delaware County Resolution No. 221; Oswego County Resolution No. 182.

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Update: We have the resolution here!

Oswego County Seal resolution

Oswego County Seal Resolution

Oswego County passes resolution calling for repeal of NY SAFE Act

The Oswego County Legislature voted 25-0 for a resolution urging the repeal of the NY SAFE Act, joining a growing list of counties that have denounced New York state’s controversial gun law.

“We were just standing up for our constituents,” Terry Wilbur, a legislator from Hannibal, said Thursday.

Wilbur, who sponsored the resolution, said he was pleased with the results, and that the resolution would send a clear message to state officials in Albany.

Oswego isn’t the first county in the area to come out against the SAFE Act. Madison and Herkimer counties have already passed similar resolutions.

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Oswego County resolution opposing NY SAFE act

Oswego NY SAFE repeal resolution

Oswego County lawmakers call for repeal of NY SAFE Act

The Government Courts and Consumer Affairs Committee, of the Oswego County Legislature, held a special meeting Thursday afternoon and unanimously passed a resolution that calls for the repeal of the NY SAFE Act.

Oswego County is joining a growing list of counties that have publicly denounced the recent enactment of the toughest gun control legislation in the nation. Similar resolutions are being considered in Ontario, Jefferson, and Ulster counties.

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Resolution Text