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Lewis County lashes out against state over SAFE Act

Lewis County legislators unanimously passed a resolution denying the state the use of the Lewis County name, seal, letterhead and address for the purposes of any correspondence with legal and registered gun owners regarding permit recertification or for any other purposes associated with the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.

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Lewis County Sheriff reflects on his gun rally attendance

Three bus loads of people headed from the North Country to Albany Thursday to fight for their Second Amendment rights.

Members of the Lewis County community were escorted by Lewis County Sheriff Michael Carpinelli to a demonstration against New York’s SAFE Act.

Carpinelli says he was proud to attend the rally to address issues with the new law and to show that upstate can peacefully demonstrate their knowledge on the matter. He says the people he serves don’t feel any safer and believe the law does not help protect those who need it most.

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Lewis County legislators oppose state gun law

Lewis County legislators on Tuesday took aim at the state’s new gun law and approved advertising for a new trail coordinator.

“It was pushed too fast with no due consideration,” Legislator Paul M. Stanford, D-Watson, said of the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement, or NY SAFE, Act.

County lawmakers by a 10-0 vote passed a resolution calling on the state Legislature and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to “set aside and annul this ill conceived and poorly drafted statute which abridges the rights of law-abiding citizens of the State of New York.”

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Resolution Text

Lewis County Resolution opposing NY SAFE act

This resolution was passed February 5th

Lewis County February 05 Minutes by Evan Hempel